Woodland Sanctuary


by Lois Mountz


Just a thicket, some would say,

 thorns, brambles, overgrown trees,

no place to spend the day.

A tree house stronghold it used to be 

where our children felt safe and secure,

in a world away from the rest of the world,

in a world that took them away 

from all the busyness and all the rules 

that tethered their playful desires.  

Just an unsafe ladder and remnants of wood remain 

where imagination ruled the day.

To venture into this overgrown place of the past,

is to find a sanctuary anew

where trails have once again appeared,

with weeds flattened from the doe and her fawn.

A quiet place to spend during the heat of the day

a sun-dappled spot at the edge of the woods

a home for God’s creatures  to quietly lay.


Oh, how each of us, just like the doe, needs a sanctuary

where time would seem to stand still, 

where all the cares of the world

would seem to pass away,

where in seclusion with our loved ones

‘Goodbye’ – we’d never have to say.

Our savior prepares this wonderful place, 

 a   heavenly place, a sanctuary unlike any other

peaceful and still, no cares of the day.

He will keep His promise and lead us there.

. . . . . . . our sanctuary awaits.