First Rose of Summer

by Lois Mountz

            It’s always a time to sit up and take notice;  A time to marvel as summer unfolds,

        When the first bit of color begins to show; as my roses break through in reds and golds;

Red Roses

They don’t seem to mind if a bird comes by and sits there on its way to a tree;

They even welcome a home built of twigs nestled within their thorns and leaves.

Butterflies and hummingbirds come and go, sipping of nectar so sweet,

Even a cunning rat snake has made them his retreat;



But they welcome most a summer shower,  leaving them refreshed within their bower,

Then gentle breezes caress them while  raindrops glisten on each blossom so fair.

The sun comes out, they look  up and smile, their fragrance filling the air.

I love my roses; they inspire me; they ask so little; they give so much.

Mill Creek Rose Garden smaller

Mill Creek Park Fellow’s Rose Garden by Lois Mountz