A Gift


Dear Cindy,

On this day 44 years ago, a little baby girl was born In East Liverpool Hospital – YOU.  There’s no way of knowing if your natural mother ever got to hold you, and probably your natural father wasn’t even there.  He was a college student according to the information we were given, and was in no position to get married, let alone be a father and care for a child.  The young woman had decided early on in her pregnancy to place her child up for adoption through a Columbiana County agency.  This agency just happened to be the place where we had inquired about adopting a sister for our son, who was 5 at the time.  We had several couples who were good friends that had adopted children, and since we weren’t going to be able to have any more children of our own, felt this was something we were meant to do.

After doing all the paper work, and after interviews with case workers, we were told that we were accepted as adoptive parents.  At that time, the sex of babies was not known until the birth, so they had no idea how long it would take for us to get a little girl of our own.  But we received the call on September 6th, 1969, (9 months later)  that a little girl had become available and a meeting time was set for September 11th to go to Lisbon, OH where we would meet our new little family member  – YOU.

That day in September was exciting, not only for mom and dad, but also for Steve, who was now 6yrs old.  He was just as excited as we were that day.  You were dressed in a little pink outfit, and your face was scratched from your little finger nails., but you were beautiful.

At home, Grandma Dorothy and Grandpa Don were waiting to meet our new little bundle, and it didn’t take long for grandma to get her hands on baby.  Grandpa Art and Grandma Vera also came to see you and hold you.  We already had Cindy Lou picked out of the many lists of names we had gone through, and our lives were changed that day, just as it had been when Steve was born.

You were perfect in every way, but did present us with a problem we had not encountered with your brother.  You had picked up pink eye at the hospital, so we had to visit Dr. Starbuck, our family doctor, that same week.  The answer was drops every 3 hours-day and night- until it cleared up.  That took 3 weeks, You cried a lot during that time, but finally your eyes were clear; but, as you may remember, you often had setbacks with eye infections even after you started school.

There was no assurance that we would be able to keep you as our own until 6 months went by.  Case workers visited from time to time, then a court date was set and we met with the Judge.  The only thing I remember about that visit was the judge ‘warning’ us that once the adoption went through, there would be no turning back or changing our minds.  Of course, that was the furthest thing from our minds.  We were totally ready, and after going through 6 months of not only worrying that something would go wrong with the adoption, but also having deep feelings for the young lady who brought you into the world, we felt so relieved when all the paper work was over and you were officially our little girl.

Our little girl, who would have a new surprise for us every day.  You would love your puppy, Brandy; you would love your kitty, Snowball; you loved to dress up; you would put on your daddy’s slippers and hats; you loved to sit in daddy’s lap; you crawled on your hands and tiptoes (instead of knees);you painted purple lines around the basement floor!; you loved to sing and play music; you liked to draw and paint with mommy; you  looked so cute in the little dresses that mommy made for you; you  would have growing-up years with many twists and turns; you would grow up to be a loving mother of five children of your own.   It seems unbelievable that 44 years have gone by since the day we drove home with our little bundle.  Wishes for many, many more happy birthdays, honey.  Love, Mom

Here are some memories for you:

Buffalo 2011 Botanical Gardens and Mother’s Day


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