Where’s the Color????

October is a month that I love –  A month that brings colors of fall;

But this year no matter how hard I look, I see brown, brown, brown, and that’s about all!!

Trees are brown, lawns are brown, everything but pines are a shade of brown;

Very little color exists where I live, where not enough rain has come down;


Our many wild animals on water depend;But God must provide for these out-of-door friends.

They have surely been visiting the ponds and lakes; And bogs and swamps, more waterholes make;

I can water the birds, and the busy little bees, And I’ll  pray for more water before the winter freeze.

And, maybe, just maybe, we’ll get more color,For what would fall be without orange, red, and ‘yeller’!

I’m leaving it up to you, O, God, above, To send showers soon;

For that’s what we need – what we would call ‘good news’!

Fill up the ponds, the ditches, the lakes; For colorful leaves, a beautiful fall doth make!!


I must add a postscript to this post!!!   Just after I wrote my thoughts above, we had several days of refreshing rain.  Thank you, God!