Today Marks the Day


Yes, today marks the day more than fifty years ago,

After nine months of waiting, and a few days late,

That our little son came into this world.   

And we no longer wondered   =   Boy or Girl????

Ten little fingers and ten little toes -a perfect bundle of joy;

He brightened each day of our lives, this happy little boy.

His growing-up years went by so fast,

Lots of smiles,  and even some tears;

But all of them happy – those growing up years.



The love of nature, Steve learned from his dad;

Mushrooms were gathered and seeds were sown;

    His mom led him into the field of art;

Yes, he was a little artist from the start!

                                      colorized mantis composite


                                          Yes, today marks the day when our son was born,

                                                        And such a great man he has become.

                                                       Loving husband, brother,  father,  son,

                                                           A blessing  to our whole family


               Happy Birthday, Steve