Nature’s Palette

Woodland Refrain, words, music performance by Lois Mountz


It took a while this year,

But the colors of autumn have finally appeared;

Nature’s palette of reds and golds,

Paint a picture – One loves to behold.


Some long, all-day showers

Coupled with chilly overnight hours

Have given the message to our trees,

That summer has finally ceased.


Mighty oaks will now drop their leaves;

Enough leaves to cover roofs and eaves;

Enough leaves to hide my garden beds;

So now we rake – yellows, oranges, reds!


Yes, it’s work, but work that we savor;

For the fragrance, is almost a flavor;

And the sound of leaves so crisp and dry,

Just can’t be compared – I wonder why????


Adding to the leaves so crisp and bright,

Other hues on nature’s palette delight;

There’s umber and ochres in the fields of corn,

And skies of blue the whole scene adorns.


Yes, God has created our world so fair;

He’s planned and painted it with such great care.

His palette of colors is a feast to the eye;

The birds, the trees, and even the sky.


Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy. Psalm 96:12 NIV