Even though I am a widow, I am enjoying my senior years doing many of the things I have enjoyed all my life. As an organist, I spend a lot of hours at my church. The rest of my time is spent enjoying my family, as well as composing and recording music, painting, and writing on my blog/website. I also have Scrabble partners around the world.

Woodland Refrain, words, music performance by Lois Mountz   It took a while this year, But the colors of autumn have finally appeared; Nature's palette of reds and golds, Paint a picture - One loves to behold.   Some long, all-day showers Coupled with chilly overnight hours Have given the message to our trees, That [...]

Yes, today marks the day more than fifty years ago, After nine months of waiting, and a few days late, That our little son came into this world.    And we no longer wondered   =   Boy or Girl???? Ten little fingers and ten little toes -a perfect bundle of joy; He brightened each day of [...]

October is a month that I love -  A month that brings colors of fall; But this year no matter how hard I look, I see brown, brown, brown, and that's about all!! Trees are brown, lawns are brown, everything but pines are a shade of brown; Very little color exists where I live, where not [...]

What a pleasure to have you come for a visit.  My wish is for you to find enjoyment through the art, music, or poetry you will find here.  All contents of this site are under copyright.  Please ask permission if you wish to use any materials within.  Thank you!   From here, you may visit [...]