We met in High School      It was the class of 1953 at Salem High School in Salem, Ohio.  I had always attended Salem schools, but Ken lived in North Georgetown, OH, a little farming community just south and west of Salem.   He had always gone to little country schools, then to [...]

Dear Cindy, On this day 44 years ago, a little baby girl was born In East Liverpool Hospital - YOU.  There's no way of knowing if your natural mother ever got to hold you, and probably your natural father wasn't even there.  He was a college student according to the information we were given, and [...]

Planning committee for SHS Class of 1953 Class Reunion and Reunion Photos  Top:  Patricia and Dick Ward Bottom: Lois Mountz,  Marlene (Yunk) and Bruce Snyder Psalm 30 says 'Joy comes in the morning'. Yes, true JOY comes from loving the Lord, but joy also comes from spending time with  friends , especially our friends from [...]

Our Friend, Betty Our dear friend, Betty, just took Jesus by the hand.They are on their way to the promised land.On her cello, she has played songs about this walk,And now, probably before she was really ready, She will talk,Of all her friends she's left behind, who will always have her on their minds. She was a lady of [...]